About us

Culitvo combines startup agility with tested business tactics to craft creative solutions for complex problems.

Through the use of human centered design, impact-focused consulting, and agile development, we build great thing out of big ideas. Through the application of design thinking to complex problems, we are able to work with large and small teams to create innovative and impactful solutions. We apply our process to all aspects of our projects, from product design, branding and growth.




What we do

Human Centered Design

Design, build, and deploy user-centered products and tech through agile UI/UX engineering. Go from big idea to launchable product by building and testing around your customer's needs

360 degree Branding

Tell the world who you are and tell them like it matters. Find your voice and implement 360 degree branding across platforms and mediums to craft a standout brand that uniquely speaks to your marked.

Marketing and Growth

Expand your market share through supercharged launch strategies, digital marketing campaigns, social media management and influencer marketing. Advertise direct to consumer on multiple fronts, optimize distribution and launch hard and fast.


Scott Romano

Scott Romano is Co-Founder and CEO of Cultivo Media, where he manages creative and strategic processes to create innovative solutions to industry problems. He has helped reimagine and reinvent local media, policy development, university curriculum, and influencer marketing. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Scott thrives within complex challenges and loves learning. He is currently earning a BSBA in International Business and a BA in Economics from the University of Denver.


William Alverson

William Alverson is Co-Founder and Director of Growth for Cultivo Media where he serves as the creative powerhouse for client and internal projects. His passion for human-centered design is the backbone of his work. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Will is an energetic and experienced leader ready to tackle any challenge. He is also earning his BSBA in Marketing from the University of Denver.

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